Cloud or Desktop solution?

We supply two versions of the Universal estate agency software:

  • Universal Office - Desktop solution
  • Universal Anywhere - Cloud based software

Essentially this is the same piece of software but you have to choose how you want to access it.

Please find some more details below to help you make the right choice of setup for your organisation.



Universal Office

This is our desktop based system. The key features are:

  •  Installed locally on PCs/Laptops
  •  Internet connection not required (unless uploading)
  •  Branch licence covers up to 8 PCs
  •  You CAN NOT access the software outside the office
  •  Backing up the system is down to the agent
  •  Office network needs to be in place
  •  Ideal for a single office (or multi offices that do not need to share data)

Universal Anywhere

This is our cloud based system. The key features are:

  •  Universal not installed on the machine
  •  Internet connection is required
  •  Prices are charged per concurrent users
  •  You CAN access the software in any location
  •  Data entered into the system is backed up automatically
  •  Office network is not required
  •  Ideal for a single user or a multi branch agency
  •  Use of Universal Mobile

For more information about which system is right for you please contact us today.