Universal Management

Universal Rentals Management comes with all of the features you get with the standard rentals subscription but with a whole lot more functionality for property management.

  •  Try the system with a 7 day trial account
  •  Straight forward easy to use rentals software
  •  Simple pay as your go subscription
  •  60 minute online setup
  •  FREE help desk support
  •  FREE automatic upgrades

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Overview of key features

  •  Invoicing
  •  Bills
  •  Credit notes
  •  Manage maintenance issues
  •  Fixed term/periodic tenancies
  •  Receive rent, deposits & other payments
  •  Reminders for due & late payments
  •  Management reports
  •  Warnings for tenancies due to expire
  •  Pay landlords
  •  Pay tenants & TDS companies
  •  Customer statements & balances
  •  Generate remittance advice
  •  Online account for landlords
  •  Manage accounts
  •  Reconcile bank accounts
  •  Account statements
  •  Deposit management
  •  Setup/Manage TDS companies
  •  Generate tenancy agreements
  •  Manage rent collections
  •  Manage deposits
  •  Floats
  •  Section 21 & 8 letters
Rentals Management


Tenancies are set up on the system and it links tenant, landlord and property together. In this area you can control the following items:

  •  Rent Amount
  •  Rent collection schedule
  •  Deposit
  •  Initial fees
  •  Term/Duration
  •  Generate tenancy agreement
  •  Type (fixed term/periodic)
  •  Commission

Invoicing & billing

Keep track of all your bills and invoices in one place. Universal will automatically create your commission invoices every month (or whatever period you choose).

Manual invoice and bills can also be created when required. Bills are associated with a supplier database you enter into the system.

  •  Reminders for overdue items
  •  Add multiple lines on invoices
  •  Deduct invoices/bill from rent
  •  Add commission onto bills
  •  Generate email/letter templates
  •  Specific management reports

Manage Deposits Effectively

Allow Universal help you manage your deposits. Check the location of your tenant’s deposits and handle the returns. Deductions that need to paid for using the deposit can also be actioned.

  •  Setup TDS (Tenancy deposit scheme) companies
  •   Deduct rent, invoices, bills from deposit return
  •  Log the deposit with a TDS or landlord
  •  Run deposit reports

Keep on top of your rents

Let Universal take control of your rents. The system will create rents automatically and will flag up any that are overdue. You can get a snapshot of any rent arrears that the tenant may be in via their statement window.

  •  Receive partial or full payments
  •  Automatically created rents
  •  Reminders for overdue rents
  •  Generate email or letter templates

Paying Your Landlords

Through the system you pay any landlords who are owed money. Money owed can be either rent, credits or deposits. Any invoices or bills due can be deducted from the amount paid to the landlord.

The system logs all payments made to the landlord and details about each one, so you can get a quick overview of all transactions.

  •  Deduct bills/invoices from payments to landlords
  •  Print remittance
  •  View paid list
  •  Hold back a float
Manage bank accounts

Managing Bank Accounts

The manage accounts section is for creating and modifying bank accounts that you use in Universal. In this area you can perform the following:

  •  Add multiple bank accounts
  •  Create unlimited bank accounts
  •  Transfer funds
  •  Reconcile your accounts
  •  View statements & history

Please note Universal does not have any link with your bank accounts.

Statements & Balances

The statement and balances shows the history of all the transactions for a tenant, landlord, supplier or an applicant in the system. Here you can get an overview for a particular individual.

  •  Print/email statements
  •  Filter date ranges
  •  Balances
  •  Landlords online access

Comprehensive reminders

The reminders dialog gives an overview of outstanding personal and office tasks to be performed ensuring you never miss a followup. Some of the examples include:

  •  Tenancies due to expire
  •  Landlords to followup
  •  Rent reminders
  •  Overdue invoices
  •  Bills to pay
  •  Suppliers to pay
  •  Deposits to receive
  •  Property maintenance
  •  Tenants vacating


Comprehensive management reports show company/staff performance to help you organise your resources and business more effectively. Many of the reports can be drilled down for a more detailed assessment.

The reports can be exported as PDF, Word or Excel documents. Some key reports include:

  •  Profit & loss
  •  Account summary
  •  Payments received
  •  Deposits
  •  Landlord total income
  •  Landlord S19
  •  Creditors & debtors
  •  Payments made
  •  Banking
Online Landlord Access

Online landlord access

Give your landlords the ability to access a selection of their data via your own website 24/7. They can login from their smartphone, tablet or desktop PC.

Landlords can view custom messages and various other information generated from the system:

  •  Viewing information
  •  Tenancies details
  •  Landlord Statements (upto 2 years)
  •  Property maintenance issues

Tenant Shop

Universal has a built in referral system directly to Tenant shop.

Who are Tenant Shop?

They are the most advanced utility management software platform in the lettings industry. Using the latest technology, they will notify local councils, water suppliers and energy providers of new and vacating tenancies, set up & close void accounts for your landlords ensuring there are no stray bills.

The service is FREE OF COST, saving your staff hours and they even share the COMMISSION with you.

Tenant Shop

Training & Support

Universal is designed to be easy to use but also has features which some clients may need extra help with. Thesaurus Technology's support team provide help in every area of the software.

Phone Support

Unlimited phone support is included in ALL subscriptions to Universal.

Call 0845 83 82 666 and a member of the support team will be willing to help you.

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Online Help & Videos

Universal has a built in help facility. Simple press F1 when in Universal.

Videos are also available to help customers use Universal.

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Remote Training

Remote training is available to new, existing and potential customers.

Training lasts 1-2 hour's and can involve a detailed look or a simple overview.

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Choose how you want to access the software

We provide Universal in two separate systems.

Universal Office is our desktop solution where by the software is installed locally on your PC and an internet connection is not required to use the software. You can only access to software locally in one location.

Cloud v Desktop

Universal Anywhere is our cloud based solution why by the software is access over the internet. This is perfect for access the software in different locations or multi office setups. Data entered into the software is also backed up.

Cloud v Desktop
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"We are constantly improving and developing the software. The vast majority of changes we make to Universal come from suggestions and feedback from our clients who use the system every day. If you have any feedback or ideas, we would love to hear them…

Send us a message via our suggestion box."

Adam Holliday
Lead software developer

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