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  • May 2019

    Software update - build 307

    Latest software update

    • NEW FEATURE: Create Recurring Invoice and Bills
    • NEW FEATURE: Send bulk SMS reminders for rent and remittance notifications
    • NEW FEATURE: Calculator for partial rent at the end of a tenancy
    • User's mobile number will show in from sms number for selection
    • Match based on negotiator on all screens
    • Better feedback on bulk emails
    • Rent collection list filter updated

    If you have any feedback on the new features we would love to hear from you. You can leave your thoughts here:

  • February 2018

    Universal mobile

    Access information on your smartphone


    Universal Mobile enables staff members to access diary and contacts directly from Universal Anywhere.

    • Real time data directly from Universal
    • Access your live diary
    • View all contacts
    • Specifically designed for smartphones
    • Ideal for when staff members are out of the office
    • Grant or revoke staff access via Universal
    • Secure data
    • Available on Universal Anywhere

    More details on Universal mobile  

  • February 2018

    Video help tutorials

    Did you know we have a range of help videos on our YouTube channel?

    You can subscribe to the YouTube channel to get alerts when we release new help videos. If you have any comments or suggestions for new help videos that you feel would be useful, please get in touch and let us know. We also have a range help videos on our on website

    View training videos  

  • December 2018

    We are now part of MRI Software

    Thesaurus Technology is now part of MRI Software

    Click below to read the full press release.

    View The Press Release  

    Thesaurus Technology
  • November 2018

    Software update - build 294

    Latest software update

    • NEW FEATURE: Convert Word Documents (.docx) to PDF
    • Email, view or copy to document store/property brochure
    • Option to include highest quality main image when generating
    • NEW FEATURE: Online login to view contacts and appointments through web browser
    • Second signature added to user different for Word and Email
    • Sales/Rentals filter added to applicant import
    • Create from another Invoice/Bill buttons added
    • Export lists to CSV added Valuations, invoices, payments and more
    • Customise added to vendor, landlord and tenant lists
    • Valuations added to Global Find
    • Export to Outlook includes Tenant if property has tenancy
    • Option to copy in additional contacts when sending SMS from people screens
    • Tenant shop update
    • Various fixes and performance enhancements

    If you have any feedback on the new features we would love to hear from you. You can leave your thoughts here:

  • September 2018

    Ensure your website is secure with HTTPS

    Google's Chrome browser will now mark non-HTTPS sites as 'not secure'

    Google's. Chrome browser now flags every site that doesn't use HTTPS encryption. With the launch of Chrome 68, Chrome will mark all HTTP sites as "Not Secure" and prominently highlight this in its URL bar. HTTPS is the secure version of HTTP, it means all communications between your browser and the website are encrypted.

    If you don't implement SSL, any website with reference to HTTP will tell site visitors the site is "Not Secure".

    The advantages of switching means a website with HTTPS is going to rank higher in Google than a site without, and it builds trust, that green padlock indicates that you take security seriously and helps give users confidence.

    If we are currently hosting your website, we are offering to help switch you over to HTTPS and provide you with a SSL Certificate. All customers have been contacted but get in touch today if you require more information.

    Thinking about a new website?  

  • May 2018

    Software update - build 289

    Changes ready for GDPR

    • Set opt in and opt out preferences
    • Add third party providers for people to opt in and opt out from
    • Choose contact preferences for property updates and other company updates
    • Writes to history for opt in and opt out audit trail
    • Filter property list based on opt in and opt out status
    • Email tags for opt in and opt out links
    • Email templates added to lists and people with opt in and opt out links
    • Opt in and opt out options automatically updated from customers clicking on web link
    • Report added to display opt in and opt out history
    • Anonymise records (leaves anonymous data on system for reports/financials)
    • Bulk Anonymise records from list (Admin user only)
    • CSV Export (exports persons data and history to CSV, can be opened in Excel)

    PDF Customer Help Guide on GDPR  

    If you have any feedback on the new features we would love to hear from you. You can leave your thoughts here:

  • April 2018

    Software update - build 285

    EPC updates due to change in legislation.

    • EPC warning for creating tenancies when property rating less than E
    • EPC warning when renewing tenancies
    • Filter on EPC band on property filter
    • EPC rating and values added to customise list
    • EPC rating over 100 now possible

    If you have any feedback on the new features we would love to hear from you. You can leave your thoughts here:

  • March 2018

    Software update - build 284

    Software features

    • Updated look of Universal
    • Customise look, icons and backgrounds
    • Text size increase
    • System setting to make data grid size extra large
    • 'Find All' goes to last record added instead of first
    • Filter changes (exiting doesn't relist everything)
    • Exit buttons removed, use the cross in the top right
    • Enable and disable items in invoice/bill item list, Order alphabetically

    If you have any feedback on the new icons/layout we would love to hear from you. You can leave your thoughts here:

    New Design
    New Design














  • December 2017

    General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

    Approved and adopted by the EU Parliament in April 2016, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) represents important data protection regulation changes.

    We wish to assure our EU clients that Universal is on the way to GDPR compliance. After conducting a readiness assessment, we have begun building on existing data protection policies and measures.

    Thesaurus Technology will complete any operational or technical changes we need to, well before the May 2018 deadline.

    More details on GDPR  

    Vendor Login
  • September 2017

    Software update - build 277

    Software features

    • Right to rent check & reminders added
    • Add attachments to all emails
    • Internal Property preview updated
    • Update Outlook on startup & update all appointments via the diary
    • Property Maintenance added document store and reported by
    • Tasks updated bulk followup, bulk update contact
    • Create maintenance from task
    • Tasks option on each task to exclude from diary
    • Maintenance tab added to tenancy
    • Property extra commission added
    • Report for Held landlord/tenant bills (Account Summery > List)
    • Received payments report, filter by bank account
    • Access on MAC improved, documents & adding images (view more)
    • Maintenance report for your website allowing tenants raise issues
    • Property maintenance import
  • August 2017

    Zoopla Real Time Feed

    You can now update your listings on Zoopla and Prime Location faster than ever before. As soon as you perform a sync the changes will propagate onto Zoopla/Prime Location within 5 minutes. Therefore, you will no longer have to wait until the next feed for the changes to take place.

    We are starting to move customers onto the new feed and we will be in touch when the switch over has taken place on your account.

    If you have any questions regarding the new feed contact us today. 

    Vendor Login
  • March 2017

    Software update - build 275


    Software features

    • Automatically export appointments to Outlook
    • Export people and property lists to CSV
    • Image/PDF uploader for emails and blog posts
    • Sales invoicing default sales account and quick receive
    • Pay landlord ability to pay partial rent collections
    • Print from reconcile screen
    • Property maintenance history tab
    • Locate map changed to Map Quest

    Website features

    • Improved landlord login
    • Automated applicant import
    • Integrated blog/news pages
    • Match email direct to property on own website

    More details on website design  

  • Jan 2017

    Updated Vendor/Landlord website login

    Vendor LoginProvide your vendors and landlords with 24/7 access to view information about the sale or let of their property via your website. Allow them to view comprehensive details at their leisure.

    You don't need to do any extra work for this facility as Universal simply uploads the information you have been entering into the system.

    More details on vendor login  

  • Sept 2016

    New Website launch

    We have just re-launched our company website this week… we all hope you like it!

    Let us know your thoughts… contact us.

  • June 2016

    Software update - build 268

    SMS Templates

    Customise and create your own default SMS message templates for Universal

    NEW Universal property search

    Fully responsive custom property search layouts

    NEW Detailed Landlord Login

    Responsive landlord/vendor login screens

    More details on website design  

  • November 2015

    Happy customers

    Thesaurus Technology love to hear from customers and their thoughts/feedback on our software and service.

    I can not fault the service from Thesaurus, we have used them for 11 years for our estate agent software and are now using the cloud based version Universal Anywhere. They have been keen to develop the software as time has moved on to suit ours and other agents ever developing needs.
    Value for money
    5 stars
    5 stars
    5 stars
    Customer review
    Clear Water

    Read all the reviews here  

  • July 2015

    Cost effective address lookup service

    Address lookupAccurate address lookup data for Universal customers

    Changes to how the Royal Mail licence address lookup software, means we can now offer a lookup service based on credits across your whole company. This is instead of the user licences for each member of staff or PC, as was the previous agreement.

    • Now includes premise data (house names & numbers)
    • Simply select the address from the drop down menu
    • Each lookup takes one credit off your account
    • Check your balance and top-up online 24/7
    • Credits can be used for all users across the company
    • Prices start from only £13 + vat

    More details on address lookup  

  • April 2015

    Customer video testimonial

    We have recently completed a website for a long standing customer Lennard & Hill. They were so pleased with the new website that they created a 'Thank You' video.

  • March 2015

    Tenant Shop Referrals

    Universal now has a built in referral system directly to Tenant shop.

    Who are Tenant Shop?

    They are the most advanced utility management software platform in the lettings industry. Using the latest technology, they will notify local councils, water suppliers & energy providers of new and vacating tenancies, set up & close void accounts for your landlords ensuring there are no stray bills. The service is FREE OF COST, saving your staff hours & they even share the COMMISSION with you.

    To find out more about Tenant Shop contact Greg Dewhirst: |  | 02035 405 707

    How does it work with Universal?

    Simply add your tenant shop ID into Universal, if you don't have an account with Tenant Shop you will need to contact them directly.

    Select Tools > Maintenance > System Settings > Select Tenant Shop ID > Enter your ID & click save.

    You will now notice a new button will now appear in the tenancies window. By clicking this you can now refer tenants directly to Tenant Shop when a tenant moves in or vacates a property. All of the data you have entered will pull through so there is no need to rekey your data. Click here for more information.

    If you have any questions please contact us.

    More details  

    Tenant Shop
    Tenant Shop
  • March 2015

    Section 19 report for HMRC

    If you have received a notice from HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) to provide a section 19 report for rents and other payments arising from land, you can generate this from Universal. To run this report in the requested format from HMRC, follow the steps below:

    Select Reports > Management/Financial > Landlords Financial > Select Resident Landlord Income (S19) and create S19

    If you have any questions please contact the help desk.

  • January 2015

    There is now a feed in place to send your property listings directly to the portal which is provided by Agents Mutual. The website went live on 26th January 2015 and you can request the upload now by logging into Universal and following the steps below:

    OnTheMarket.comSelect Tools along the top > Portal Uploading > Request Upload > Select and order Portal Upoads

    If you want to delay advertising on a property portal, you can specify the advertising date per listing, per property if required.

  • November 2014

    Software update - build 261

    Sales InvoicingNew & improved sales invoicing - Includes the following features:

    • Create adhoc invoices, credit notes and set payments as received
    • Email invoices using the custom email templates
    • Receive payments into custom bank account
    • Reconcile bank accounts
    • Enhanced reports (profit & loss, invoices by item, received payments)

    Other new features in this update include:

    • Property and applicant list customisation - Allowing you to change the default columns
    • Applicant screen expandable
    • Chain preview screen and print function
    • Choose which portals to upload to per property
    • New reminders dashboard and quick links
    • Email from tenancy window
    • Clear button on images, allowing for easier image removal
  • October 2014

    Universal testing with Windows 10

    We are Microsoft Windows 10 ready!

    Windows 10 is the next version of the Microsoft Windows operating system, which is due for release in 2015. We have been doing extensive testing to ensure both Universal Anywhere & Office are fully compatible with Microsoft Windows 10.

    Windows 10

  • July 2014

    Successful first half to 2014

    Thesaurus Technology has had a fantastic first half in 2014 with 73 new clients signing up for Universal. We have been assisting new start-up businesses, as well as agents coming across from other software providers. Data imports have been performed into Universal assisting with the transition to our software, along with training and help desk support.

    To discover the benefits of Universal call the sales team on 0845 83 82 666

  • July 2014

    Rightmove instant updates & applicant enquiries

    You can now update your listings on Rightmove faster than ever before. As soon as you perform a sync the changes will propagate onto Rightmove with in 5 minutes. Therefore you will no longer have to wait until the next feed for the changes to take place.

    Also the enquires you receive from Rightmove will directly import into Universal. When you start Universal you will be notified of any new applicants waiting to be added. Universal will alert you if the applicant is already registered on your system.

    Rightmove Real Time

    More details  

  • July 2014

    Software update - build 254

    • All instances of recurring tasks show in Diary
    • BCC feature added to emails
    • Document store email as attachment
    • Rightmove instant updates and applicant import
    • Matching, ignore all on property and converted to datagrids
    • Property screen expandable
    • SMS negotiator from appointment
  • December 2013

    New App for iPad, Windows & Android Tablets

    Remote Desktop

    You can access Universal Anywhere using iPad's, Windows and Android tablets using a remote desktop app.

    Microsoft have brought out a new app called 'Remote Desktop Connection' that is easy to use and works great with Universal Anywhere.

  • December 2013

    Skype calls now available for online training session


    Thesaurus Technology's support team provide online training sessions designed to help you get the most out of Universal.

    We now offer 'Skype Voice Call' calling for online training session. When booking in your training simply request a Skype call & let us know your username. Using a landline phone number for training is of course still available.

    Book your session today  

  • October 2013

    Software update - build 248

    • Property link displayed in match SMS
    • Post property details to Facebook
    • Tenant fees (system setting for default and field added to each property)
    • The above feature is as a result of new guidelines on advertising fees
    • Task auto follow-up. Set a recurring task to follow-up automatically.
    • Deduct partial invoice and bill amounts when paying a Landlord
    • New Slide Show (File > Slideshow > Web Slideshow)
    • Switch user from File menu
  • July 2013

    New slide show


    You can now display all your property listings on a full screen slideshow, that can scroll through either on a TV or PC in your office. The slide show is automatically populated via your listings in Universal.

    Simply click the sync button to keep your slide show up to date.

    This is a FREE feature included in your subscription with Universal.

  • April 2013

    Software update - build 247

    For customer using our cloud solution (Universal Anywhere), we have been making some big improvements.

    The Anywhere helper has been completely re-designed and will ensure for faster document downloads and uploads. Adding images will also be easier and quicker.

  • June 2016

    Software update - build 268

    Recent Records

    The new recent records menu has arrived in Universal

    This fixed menu will allow for easy access to recent:

    • Properties
    • Applicants
    • Vendors
    • Landlords
    • Tenants
    • Valuations Tenancies
  • January 2016

    Software update - build 239

    • User defined tab on people and property windows
    • User defined (UDF) tab in maintenance for setting user defined fields
    • User defined printing
    • Create valuations from existing records
    • Mail and Email Match - Added price expansion
    • Global search screen - Search on multiple items in one place
    • Internal messaging system
  • March 2012

    Thesaurus Technology customer survey results


    As your software provider, we are continually looking to improve the quality of the service we provide. The results from last year’s customer feedback survey have now been processed.

    94% of customers who responded to our latest survey were satisfied or very satisfied with our software & service.

    The results from last year’s customer feedback survey have now been processed.

  • March 2012

    Software update - build 233

    • QR Codes - Display QR codes on brochures, websites, property full details and email templates
    • QR mobile integration
    • Integrated Twitter functionality
    • Extra functionality for tenant receipts/remittance
    • Insert a map for printing on brochures/window cards
    • Deposits updates
    • Upload additional PDF documents
    • Email from the tenancies screen to multiple contacts
  • January 2012

    Mapping update

    The maps used on the full details for all customers property searches have been updated with improved controls. We have also optimised the loading time of the full details page.

    Map update

  • November 2011

    Software update - build 220

    • Board Management screen - record and order boards
    • Document Store - attach documents to properties, people, valuations and tenancies.
    • Free upload to Mouseprice website (Contact Thesaurus Technology to opt out)
    • Address information recorded, used for mail merge tags and portal upload
    • Images added for users and people
    • Print user images in documents and send in emails
    • KPI chart filters for sales and rentals
    • TDS export facility
    • Email Vendors and Landlords from the property list section
    • Price change report added
    • Email templates improvements
  • June 2011

    Software update - build 210

    Mobile search
    • Free mobile property search for all customers, like an app but can be viewed on all smart phones
    • Export appointments and contacts to Outlook
    • As you type spellchecker
    • Custom diary appointments
    • Void partial rent collections
    • Enhanced Universal Anywhere helper for printing and adding images
  • November 2010

    Software update - build 197

    Mobile search
    • Word 2010 compatibility enhancements
    • Filter Landlords Statements by Property
    • Set commission as transferred from Client Accounts to Business Accounts
    • Hold and return Landlords float
    • Email templates added for matching emails
    • Generated documents carried over for renewed tenancies
    • Print bulk rent collections
    • Tasks added to popup reminders
    • Email direct from appointment screen
    • Email references for applicants and tenants
    • Set references and guarantor as required, reminders added
    • Diary and history performance updates
  • June 2010

    Software update - build 192

    • Added template to set reminders on a user by user basis
    • Matching updated to include match on exact bedrooms, exclude already viewed and expand match price
    • Checklists added to new tab on property, applicant and tenancy
    • Printing added for checklists
    • Bulk emailing added to Valuations
    • Email templates and Bulk emailing added to Other Contacts
    • Memory Management and performance updates
  • March 2010

    Software update - build 180

    • New fully customisable checklist feature for Properties, Applicants and Tenancies
    • Rent Source of funds added to handle rent coming from multiple sources
    • Commercial EPC's added
    • Access levels updated to stop users sending emails and texts
  • August 2009

    Software update - build 162

    • Street view added
    • Click here for further details on Street view
    • Diary and Reminders performance improvements
    • Multiple email addresses
    • Property Search enhancements
    • Full details tab and scroll added
    • Separate email body and footer for sales and rentals
  • April 2009

    Software update - build 156

    • Full Details screen updated
    • Under referencing check box added to Applicants
    • Applicants under referencing reminder added
    • Supplier Credits added (option to select credit on enter agent bills)
    • Pay Bills - Deduct Supplier Credits form bill payment
    • Global Key Management screen added
    • Negotiator dropdown added to property matching
    • Exclude Applicants Under Referencing added to property matching (rentals only)
    • Access levels - Option to stop users updating and deleting historic notes
    • Record user and date when receive or make payments
    • End time and large notes field added to tasks
  • March 2009

    Software update - build 151

    • SMS Rent RemindersTime added to Tasks
    • Valuation Source added to KPI charts
    • Emailing added to pay landlord, invoices and rent collections
    • SMS rent reminder added to Rent collection
    • Sync processing optimised
    • Withdrawn Rentals Type added
    • Income and Expenditure graph added to Account Summary
    • Updated sales offers and invoices to Datagrids
    • Balance date added to Statement Balances tab
  • January 2009

    Software update - build 148

    • Periodic Tenancies
    • Reports added including:
    • Landlord Financial (section 19) Report
    • Received Payments Report
    • Payments Made Report
    • Detailed Invoice and Bill reports
    • Report Deposit
    • Report Property Maintenance
    • Report Profit and Loss
    • Report added to Account Summary
    • Improvements made to Property Maintenance
  • December 2008

    Software update - build 140

    • Bulk Statement Emailing and printing added
    • Single Statement emailing added
    • Bulk Receive Rent
    • Bulk Pay Landlords
    • Add Commission Invoice to Landlord/Tenant Bills
    • Added Scottish EPC's
    • Pay Applicants/Other contacts
    • Invoice and add credit notes for Other Contacts
    • Landlord and Tenant email templates added
    • Landlord and Tenant Bulk email added
    • Rent held and Deposits held added to Accounts Summary Report
  • October 2008

    Software update - build 137

    • Property Maintenance Log added to Rentals Management
    • Property Maintenance Reminders added
    • Property Maintenance Tab added to property and supplier screens
    • Print Remittance after Paying Landlord
    • Vat tags added to statements and remittance for invoices
    • Property Portal Upload Information / Order screen added
    • None UK BER certificate processing added #prompt-ten-address# tag added, Asks which tenant address you want to use.
    • Forwarding Address added to Tenant
    • Tenancy, popup screen added when post rent and invoices
    • Task list printing added
    • Printing added for landlords to pay and tenants to pay
    • General Fixes and improvements
    • Credit Notes added to Rentals Management
    • Pie Charts added to KPI charts for Applicant, Vendor and landlord Source
    • Printing added to Tasks
    • Key Management added to Property screen
    • General Fixes and improvements
  • September 2016

    Software update - build 130

    • Sync processing optimised
    • KPI charts improved, added to Reports menu
    • Rentals Management improvements and fixes
    • General improvements and fixes
  • August 2008

    Software update - build 125

    • Rentals Management Released.
    • Create Invoices, Rent Collections and Bills
    • Manage Deposits
    • Receive Payments
    • Pay Landlord
    • Reconcile Bank Accounts
    • Generate Statements
    • Plus many more features
  • June 2008

    Software update - build 116

    • New improved Reminders Screen added.
    • Gas Safety Certificate, Electrical Safety Certificate, PAT Safety Certificate and Fire Safety Certificate Tasks added, Reminder added for each.
    • Meter Readings Tab Added for Rental Properties
    • Comparables screen added.
    • Features added to Valuations, copied to property when valuation won.
    • Landlord Follow-up added to Reminders.
    • Performance improvements for Windows Vista.
    • Added Rentals Valuations, task and navigator buttons
    • Added Navigator Screen.
  • April 2008

    Software update - build 106

    • User Access control added to allow/disallow users to take properties off the market.
    • HIPs tab enabled for rental properties.
    • Task option moved from Rentals menu to Tools menu.
    • Negotiator added to Correspondence reports.
    • Reliability and performance updates.